Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Random Thoughts on Spirituality

"The Church is a whore...but she's my mother." Attributed to Martin Luther. Too true. I'm not sure if this is supposed to give me comfort or conviction. Maybe a little bit of both. Thanks for the responses on the last blog entry (hypocrisy in the church). My tendency is to believe that it is no better/worse now. "The poor you will always have with you," Jesus said. He probably could have just as easily said, "The hypocrites you will always have in church" (and everywhere else).

I came across this and found it interesting: (On a plaque marking Abraham Lincoln's birthplace near Hodgenville, Kentucky, is recorded this scrap of conversation):"Any news down t' the village, Ezry?""Well, Squire McLains's gone t' Washington t' see Madison swore in, and ol' Spellman tells me this Bonaparte fella has captured most o' Spain. What's new out here, neighbor?""Nuthin', nuthin' a'tall, 'cept fer a new baby born t' Tom Lincoln's. Nothin' ever happens out here." Is it possible that the most significant things that happen in our lives are often like this? In my faith tradition, there is a story of a prophet who goes out looking for a hearing with God. He is told to stand in the crevice of a rock and God will pass by. A violent wind passes but God's not in the wind. Then an earthquake happens but God's not in the earthquake. Finally, after several big, loud, cataclysmic events...there's a tiny breeze and "a stil, small voice". And that is where God speaks. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time being still enough and quite enough to hear the small voice. But I pray for patience and discipline to develop my ear.

Grace & peace

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