Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Isaiah 6

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the LORD seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. Above him were seraphs, each with six wings...and they were calling to one another:

'Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty;
the whole earth is full of his glory.'

At the sound of their voices the doorposts and thresholds shook and the temple was filled with smoke.

Notice a couple of things.

1.) King Uzziah had recently died. [Read 2 Kings 15:1-7, as well as 2 Chronicles 25 & 26 for some of the details of Isaiah's life.]

Uzziah means "my strength is Jehovah". (Might some of God's people have been tempted to believe God's strength had died? That they were the only ones left to worship Him? Maybe reminiscent of Elijah's lament? [Remember, God told Elijah how wrong he was to believe the prophet was alone. There were 7,000 others who were faithful!)

In this difficult moment, God was ready to do something new and he would use those who were willing...

2.) "The prophet Isaiah had a transforming vision of the LORD, high and lifted up on a throne (Is. 1:1; 6:1; 7:1)."

This passage may remind you of parts of John's Revelation. Rev. 4 takes place at the throne in heaven (much like Isaiah saw). John's account includes "flashes of lightning, rumblings and peals of thunder" which sound like the amazing shaking Isaiah experienced. And in Revelation, we hear that living and night never stopped saying: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.

This week several of us have met at our church for prayer. The building is open each morning, Mon. - Fri. from 6:30 - 8AM. You can stop by on your way to work or after dropping the kids off at school.

It's come and go. No agenda. No time commitment to others. Just pray. Or pray and read. Or pray and listen to quiet music. If you live in the area, we'd invite you to join us.

OR if you can't join us at the building (the state, or the continent), maybe you'd simply spend time during that same period praying, wherever you are at. If so, let me know ( and we'll be joined in mind, heart, and spirit, though not physically in the same place.

And who knows, God may reveal Himself so that we see "the LORD seated on a throne, high and exalted".

(Actually, He already has been revealing Himself through answers to prayer.) We want you to be a part of it if you can.

Grace & peace

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