Thursday, March 23, 2006

When Passion Falls Aslee...zzzzzzz

"I am willing to die for you." Peter believed he was. (And someday he would.) But the night he said it was also the night he fell asleep on Jesus.
Jesus took his disciples, his followers, his apprentices to Gethsemane and told most of them to wait while he prayed. Peter, James and John, were invited to go with Jesus while he prayed.

Imagine it, the most agonizing moments in the entire life of our Master, and they get to be there. But what do these three heroes of the faith do? Take a nap. Jesus is pouring his heart out to the Father and, I believe, was looking for a little human companionship, support. Brothers who'd be with him in the dark moments of his soul.

Some of us make statements of great zeal and passion about how we feel regarding God, the church, Christ's love for us. But when crunch time comes, we blow it. We're asleep at the very moment Jesus calls our name on the bench and wants to put us in the game.

Lent can be a great time to wake up to God's leading in our life. Specifically our congregation has a scheduled a set of "revival" services this weekend to help stir up our spiritual passion, re-energize our walk with God, and deepen our commitment to be his followers.

If you live in the area, we'd love to have you join us at some of these gatherings. If not, I hope you will find time to let the Spirit shake the cobwebs from your soul, brush away the sleep from your spirit, and get in the game. Jesus needs you. His world needs you. Don't fall asleep on him.

Grace and Peace

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