Thursday, April 6, 2006

Rocky Mountain Renewing

My family and I have been on vacation during the kids' spring break. (These times become more precious when you realize we only have our oldest for a couple more years.)

Though we call Michigan home, and love it there, we spent the past week in Colorado. I've been to the state a half a dozen times or so. I still can't get over the excitement of approaching the Rocky Mountain range, waiting for the first peak to peek through over the dashboard of the minivan. Every time we leave, I dread seeing the last little bit of mountain range disappear from the view of my rear view mirror.

The week has been without nearly any tv. (Though we did bring a laptop and dvd player, but we were sitting around as a family watching the first few seasons of West Wing. So that doesn't really count!)

I forget how dependent I am upon my cable news channels. How addicted I am to checking my e-mail. How trained I am to listen for the phone and see if there are any life or death messages. (Amazingly, there weren't any emergencies, while we were away, the world continued to turn, and things will be pretty much the same when we return home.)

But we will be different. We will have memories of traveling for nearly 27 hours in the minivan (much more enjoyable than it sounds). Two of my kids say that is one of there favorite parts! The togetherness.

I will remember teaching a couple of my kids to play chess and playing more Rook than we have in years.

I will remember reading in the quiet of my room, while listening to the people I love the most, the people who share my last name, talking in another room, laughing over ordinary experiences, reminiscing about Seinfeld episodes, and asking each other questions about likes and dislikes.

I can't wait for the next vacation already.

May you find time for such a sabbath as that.

Grace & peace.

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