Monday, May 1, 2006

Green Christians

In town this past weekend I noticed a flier:

Saturday, May 6th (9am-4pm)
8025 Werkner Rd., Chelsea

They will be accepting Freon appliances (1st one free), old tires (1st 4 free), television, washer, dryer, or computer (1st 1 free). Now several things struck me about this day.

1.) We have tires and an old refrigerator that need to go. And if I can get rid of them at no cost…that sounds like a good deal.

2.) Some of you may live in Washteanw Co., may have similar items that should be removed and you might not know about this no-cost opportunity.

3.) I don’t often speak about the world in which we live, and how we, as Christians should take care of it. But it seems like being good stewards of anything God has given us, (our money, our bodies, other people, or the Earth), is just respecting the Creator. Scripture tells us, “The Earth is the LORD’S and everything therein.” I don’t want to be found mistreating God’s people or God’s stuff, do you?

4.) This clean-up day is taking place at the
“Transfer Station” which many of us refer to
as “the dump”. I wonder if our church is a
place where people can experience this
“transfer” of their sins, burdens and hurts;
where they can take the junk they don’t want
and give it to the holy God who asks for it.

Grace & peace.

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