Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men & Spirituality

Our family went to see "X-3" yesterday. It was so hot, we were all home, seeing a movie is a good thing to do on such a day.

My kids enjoy comic book movies because they are usually books they've read that I haven't. (Last night we watched "Pride & Prejudice". My wife and the girls had read that. My son and I hadn't. [Nor did we make it all the way through the "chick-flick".])

The premise of "X-3" is that there are "mutants" whose genes have altered, giving them "powers". While that seems like a cool thing, it makes the regular humans a wee bit uncomfortable. The people start searching for a "cure" to rid people of their mutant genes. In the movie there is a message about prejudice and discrimination. Some are different from others. Some deal with the differences well. Some don't. Those who don't deal with it well provide the friction that moves the story to a climactic battle between some of the mutants and some of the humans.

As I was watching, I began to run the movie through a "theological" or "philosophical" lense. Sometimes differences and prejudice can pop up in the realm of "God-things": faith, spirituality, etc.

I wonder, do you ever feel like a "mutant" when it comes to God and spiritual things? Do you find yourself not quite sure of various aspects of faith that others simply take for granted?

There's a scripture in the Bible that reads, "Without faith it's impossible to please God. The one who comes to God must believe that He is and He rewards those who seek Him."

That last part is an encouragement to me: "He rewards those who seek Him." It doesn't say, "He rewards those who have figured it all out." Nor does it suggest He loves "those who think they have all the answers" more than those who are struggling with this idea of faith.

God rewards the seeker, the searcher, the explorer, the one who thinks there might be something there, but isn't 100% certain. I like that. I find comfort in it. It encourages me to keep looking, keep asking questions, keep thinking about things, even when I'm not sure what I'll find.

I hope you do the same.

Grace & peace.

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