Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm A Man. . .more or less

I just finished the summer task on my "to-do" list that caused me to lose the most our out-building.

It's not that large (12 x 15) and the peak is probably around 20 feet off the ground. So it wasn't a huge job. But I was not looking forward to it. I don't like heights. Don't enjoy being in the sun for long periods of time.

But the main reason is that I'm not a handy, do-it-yourself, fix-it, type of guy.

I have a circular saw. I've owned it since last year. But just took it out of the box for the first time this weekend. This is my first circular saw. I'm nearly 40 years old! (And had to have my friend who helped me re-roof the building show me how to use the saw.)

We needed an air compressor and a pneumatic nailing gun for the job (both of which he owns, neither of which I probably ever will).

I'm the anti-Tim Allen. Not only do I not want "MORE POWER!!" I wouldn't know what to do with it if you gave it to me. Give me anything besides a hammer or screwdriver and I feel pretty useless. I remember growing up when some adult would ask me to get this tool or that instrument, I automatically turned into Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man". I had NO CLUE what they were asking for.

This is one of the many reasons my wife and I are such a great mix. She is known by all friends and family as the fixer in our family. We have totally jumbled up all the traditional male/female at-home chores. Recently someone was admiring all the wood trim work in one of our rooms. They asked how much I did and I could honestly answer "None". It wasn't that she wanted me to help and I didn't. We both simply knew who does what in our house. (By the way, it looks GREAT!)

When I went to replace the kitchen faucet recently, I made sure she had a significant portion of the day open to "help". (In my defense, I DID learn to remove and replace the garbage disposal. [I was very proud of this fact.]) Did I mention that I'm nearly 40 years old?

And I'm just now starting to own circular saws and learning to remove garbage disposals. (I'm still debating whether or now I'm grown up enough to get a chain saw.)

My dad always tried to show me things when I was growing up. I didn't want to learn and now I'm paying for it, I suppose.

To MY son's credit, he's pretty much willing to learn anything I (or my wife!) can teach him about fixing stuff around the house.

What's the spiritual application to all this? I'm not sure, except I think God loves us no matter who we are or who we aren't, no matter what we can or can't do.

I think God likes it when we learn new things and stretch ourselves to places where we don't feel comfortable, because we know it will be good for us or those we love.

So here I sit, with my laptop on my achy knees, sore back, and sun-burned face. Hoping I don't have to get up anytime soon (because I'm not sure I can!). Feeling like I've accopmlished a pretty good-sized task today.

Here's to trying something new. Like trying one more time to find a church. Reading a difficult author. Starting that exercise regimen. Or beginning a savings account.

Now if I can only remember what I had to do to re-asphalt my driveway...

Grace & peace

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