Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Are You a Church Dropout?

A recent study by the Barna Group says that 81% of twentysomethings spent a significant amount of time in their teen years at church or church-related activities.

They went on to say that 75% of teens discuss religion or spiritual things with their peers and more than 50% have attended a religious activity or group event within the last quarter.

But the same study says that disengagement happens between the end of the teen years and age 30.

While 20% maintained the same level of spiritual involvement as when they were teens, 80% said there was a significant decline or complete absence of spiritual activity.

It got me to thinking:

- Has the Church failed to provide meaningful interactions for people in the realm of faith?

- Have young people given up on "organized religion" because they were turned off by something/someone they encountered?

- What role does the family influence play? (I know teachers who bemoan the fact that 5 days a week, 6 hrs. a day is NOT enough to educate young people in the area of academics. Imagine what just how hopeless 1 HOUR A WEEK seems to those who are expected to do spiritual formation in the lives of those same teens.

- What's your story? Were you part of the 80% who had some relgious training or experience in your teens? If so, have you maintained that level of attention to your spiritual life? If not, what would it take for you to recover that part of your life?

- If you have never spent a significant part of your life in a faith community, what would it take for you to investigate and search one out?

Grace & Peace.

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