Friday, September 22, 2006

Gettin' Jiggy & The Creator

I was recently watching "The Actor's Studio" on Bravo. (I go back and forth between that show. Am I being interested in people who analyze their craft or amused at people who take what they do [acting is just pretending] way too seriously?)

On one particular episode, Will Smith was being interviewed. The host, James Lipton, asked Smith to define the word "jiggy". A word, I believe, Smith helped make famous. (Lipton said the word has made certain dictionaries.)

Later in the discussion, Smith said something that I found fascinating. He was asked about being an artist who helps to create things, words, characters, and stories and he referenced The Creator.

Smith mentioned that what he did was simply an extension of that One who is First Cause. And he attributed his talent and work as a natural outgrowth of a creative person made by a Creative Being.

I found that self-understanding thoroughly consistent with a God who made the world, made people in the world, and then gave them the ability to create things on their own. Not that I'm blaming God for all of our choices and how we choose to use our creative freedom.

But scripture says, "Every good and perfect gift comes from God." And that "Fullness of the earth" and all that is in it come from God.

So maybe next time I watch "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" or "Men In Black" I'm mixing theology with entertainment?

Or maybe I'm just looking for a way to kill an hour or two.

Grace & peace.

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