Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting Pounded: A Thanksgiving Tale

11 totes on my doorstep.

That's what I found when I arrived home last night around 9PM. 11 totes and 1 cooler.

Who left them and what was in them?

As I got closer I noticed the note that had been printed off on someone's computer. It read:

"You've been Pounded!
Dear Pastor and family, please accept this collection of items for your food pantry. We hope this will keep you well fed for a long while!
Love, your church family"

My kids started ripping into it like it was Christmas morning!!

"Here's a ham!"

"Look at all the breakfast stuff!"


"This one's REALLY heavy!"

On and on the exclamations went as each of us poured through all of the containers.

This morning as I sit here postponing sorting through all of it and carrying all of the canned goods downstairs several thoughts run through my mind.

- "Who orchestrated all of this?"

- "Who in our congregation could use some of this. We're so blessed. I know that there is a dad who's been out of work for several months. They would probably enjoy getting 'pounded' (shorthand for 'food pounding' if you're unfamiliar with churchspeak)

- Words to my kids about how blessed we are to have a church family so kind and generous only go so far. (I keep telling 'em everyone doesn't have the same positive experiences with churches that they've had.) But an action like this is a memory they'll take away with them for the rest of their lifetime. I hope when they grow up and find a community of faith, that they work to make it as warm and welcoming as this one has been to them. Apparently Someone decided this was just the right time and place for them to acquire such a story to tell.

- This came at a great time for my wife too. She had really been giving over and above the usual (which is already a pretty amazing amount of time and energy, mostly behind the scenes with stuff people don't know about). In addition, she had gotten up extra early this morning to travel to a hospital where her father was having a heart procedure. Things went well, but she was feeling spent. And Providence decided she could use a tangible pick-me-up.

"The earth is the LORD's, and all that is within it, the world and all who live in it." (Psalm 24:1)

We were just privileged to catch this particular "pounding" of God's blessing.

May you have eyes to see the many gifts you've been given. And may you have people come into your life every now and then who warm your heart and lift your spirit through their generosity...even if it's a POUNDING.

Grace & peace.

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