Monday, November 13, 2006

I Didn't Know What I Was Missing!!

When's the last time you discovered how much you'd been missing in an area of your life? I'm interested in knowing. If you have an answer, please respond. What was it you'd been missing and how did you discover it?

If you DONT' have an answer to that question, maybe you need something new, a break-through, an awakening, an "AHA!" moment. Read on.

I had one recently.

It was in the area of computers. Specifically, it was with high-speed wireless.

We've been using an old computer for so long. And we have dial-up. So I don't have to describe to most of you how slow that is. But suffice it to say that I'd often hit ONE KEY and then walk away to do something else or finish reading that paragraph. (I'm not kidding. That's how slow it is. One time when I was at my office, my 12-year-old was with me, waiting for me to send this ONE e-mail. We started counting how many times we could walk back and forth across the room before the next screen would appear. I think we got to 40, though in truth, the room wasn't too big.)

But today I'm typing on a high-speed wireless hook-up, on what is to us, a new computer.

I didn't know what I was missing!!

I type "send" and it is sent.

I go to quit a program and it actually shuts down before I can forget WHAT the program was that I was working on. Amazing.

If this is the information highway, I had previously been on the horse-and-buggy trail. And not a speedy, quick lightning horse either. One Seinfeld would call Gluestick.

In my faith tradition, there is a lot of talk about newness. New heavens and new earth. New life. New birth.

And it isn't just talked about, either. It is PROMISED.

New things can show you how much you've been missing. A new perspective on a problem may bring a solution. A new friend in a situation may end loneliness. A new start in a checkbook that just wasn't balancing out, how great is that?!!

A new translation of the Bible, one you can actually understand, might bring new light.

A new faith community might actually prove that there ARE people living this life the way you thought SOMEBODY should be doing it.

So I wonder, are you open to something or SomeOne new?

You don't know what (or Who) you might be missing.

Grace & peace

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