Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not Right for Me

ightIt would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. (Acts 6:2 NIV)

The disciples were in the early days after Jesus' death and resurrection. They were sorting through what it meant to carry out the Great Commission. They were gathering a group of people who were becoming the Church. Some of those people were widows who needed food. Confusion and hurt feelings developed over who was receiving what they needed and who wasn't. It was a time of excitement and confusion.

In the midst of the chaos, the disciples made several decisions:

1.) The widows needed to be fed, it was an important job.
2.) The Gospel needed to be preached, it was an important job too.
3.) They couldn't do both important jobs.

I was recently reading someone who said something like this:

It wasn't right for the disciples to neglect preaching in order to feed the widows.
Others could have said the same thing in reverse. "It's not right for us to neglect the widows in order to preach."

Aren't you glad God's Kingdom has a place for both preaching and feeding?

I've spent my time today dealing with worship, scripture, and people who are hurting.

What task are you at today?

Do you think of it as holy?

If you do it "unto the Lord" then it becomes a part of God's work in our world, whether you are nursing, working at a computer, chopping wood, teaching, working on roads, cooking and cleaning, building a building, visiting the sick and needy, or studying for a test.

One task within the Kingdom may not be right for you today. But another one is.

Do what you are doing as best as you can, to the glory of God.

Think about it.

Grace & peace

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