Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What WON'T Happen If We DON'T Pray?

What WON'T Happen if we DON'T Pray?

I don't know the answer to that question. Prayer isn't a formula to be figured out or an equation to be solved. It is a relationship between God the Creator and us, God's creation.

But in my reading of Matthew and Mark over the past few weeks, something has become obvious to me:

The vast majority of people in the Gospels who were healed or had spirits driven out of them initiated their own healings or had friends who initiated their healings.

Some examples from Matthew (I just read Mark and it seems largely the same):

Matt. 8:2 (a man comes and kneels before Jesus)
Matt. 8:5 (a Centurion comes to Jesus and asks on behalf of his servant)
Matt. 9:2 (some men brought a paralytic to Jesus)
Matt. 9:18 (a ruler kneels before Jesus and asks for help on behalf of his dead daughter)
Matt. 9:20 (a women who had been bleeding for 12 yrs. touches Jesus)
Matt. 9:27 (2 men call out to Jesus)
Matt. 12:22 ("they" brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute)
Matt. 15:22 (a woman cries out to Jesus for her son)
Matt. 17:14 (a father approaches Jesus and asks on behalf of his son)

These are not all of the miracles, but they seem to be a majority. Check out the other Gospels and see if this holds true. I know there are several such as Peter's mother-in-law or others where Jesus seems to initiate. But that does NOT appear to be the rule. It seems to be the exception.

What would NOT have happened if those people did NOT seek out Jesus?

Now ask yourself this: "What will NOT happen today if I do NOT pray?"

May God give us a burden for praying and a determination and strength to pray!

Grace & peace

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