Monday, May 18, 2009

Who You Rely Upon

Each morning when I start up my computer I see it.

The website that I go to has it built into its template.

This page has the up-to-date headlines from around the world.

And one part of that page always lists the current status of the stock market; whether it is up or down; and what the current level is.

The down days seem to have outnumbered the up days a lot recently.

This morning I was waiting in the orthodontist's office. I saw a Time magazine. The cover spoke of how the economy had changed the outlook for jobs over the next decade. Inside the magazine was an article that gave statistics and details to the story. The article included a map of the U.S. and broke down what job growth in each state was anticipated to be in the near future.

If you lived in Texas, Nevada, Florida, or Georgia, the numbers weren't comparatively bad.

If you lived in Michigan or Ohio, well...maybe you want to consider moving to Texas, Nevada, Florida, or Georgia.

Things have been good in the past.

Not so good currently.

What will the future hold?

Isaiah prophesies about a time to come, after God's judgment has been poured out on God's people.

In that day the remnant of Israel,
the survivors of the house of Jacob,
will no longer rely on him
who struck them down
but will rely on the LORD,
the Holy One of Israel. (Isaiah 10:20 NIV)

Isaiah's people had known good days back when the David was king.

But the kingdom broke up.

Then the people would become slaves.

What would the future hold?

Notice two things:

1.) The people would no longer rely on him who struck them down. Why would you rely upon anything that would turn on you? (Anyone thinking of your 401(k)? How 'bout that company that had been in existence for years and once provided you health care or a steady paycheck?)

Things we've depended upon for years are now being seen for what they are...temporary.

Is it possible that in this economy, we may have a unique opportunity to turn away from things that have proven themselves unworthy of our trust?

2.) Isaiah offers hope but he is not talking about all of Israel. He is only speaking about the remnant. A small group, a minority of the nation, will rely upon the LORD.

That can be disheartening, can't it? Wouldn't you think EVERYONE would turn and trust?!

But no. The prophet is clear. Twice in a couple of verses he tells us the remnant will rely upon the Living God. The remnant will return.

If you are feeling like a small minority in your faith, don't be discouraged! You're in good company.

May you look to the Holy One to provide daily bread in your life.

Grace & peace

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